Full Body Massage Training Course

Learn to be a confident Massage Therapist in just 2 days with our Full Body Massage Course

Face and Head Massage
Full Body Massage
Arms and Hands Massage
Remedial Style techniques

Learn to be a confident Massage Therapist in just 2 days with our Full Body Massage Course

In our Accredited 2 Day Full Body Massage Training Course you learn the art of body massage. On completion you will be able to confidently give a full body massage to your friends family or paying customers.

Within our Massage Training Course, you learn relaxation techniques, muscle release techniques all the different massage strokes and how to apply pressure/deep tissue massage without using much of your strength.

Tricks of the trade to help you give the best massage you can and keep your clients coming back for more.

Picture this – massaging and helping others in a deep and connected way every day, working the hours you desire and creating a healing space for your clients to keep on returning to time after time.

In our Full Body Massage Course Course, you explore how to link the mind and body with deep relaxation massage techniques and also we teach you how to help your clients a much deeper level for everyday common ailments, such sciatica, shoulder pain, back and neck pain.

With our Accredited Full Body Massage Course you are on your way to being THE VERY BEST VERSION OF YOU, giving you confidence, self empowerment and the ability to help others.

Massage Training Course Details

    • Welcome and intention
    • Draping, positioning and creating a healing space for your client
    • Massage techniques and massage strokes
    • Back massage
    • Backs of legs massage
    • Front of legs massage
    • Arms and Hands massage
    • Neck and shoulder massage
    • Face and head massage
    • Using your intuition techniques
    • The full body massage sequence
    • Tips for treating common ailments
    • Self-care and your stance
    • Contraindications
    • Aftercare advice

Meet your Trainer

Jen started her massage career back in the UK over 25 years ago and has been teaching massage for the last 10 years. Her massage journey began with Aromatherapy and Reflexology and soon progressed to various styles of Massage and Bodywork, spending time in Thailand, Nepal and Hawaii.

Jen trained in Sports Massage back in the UK and then went on to gain her mastership in Hawaiian Healing Lomi Lomi in the sacred mountains of Maui Hawaii and Diploma in Thai Massage In Chang Mia, Thailand.

Over 15 years ago, Jen emigrated to Australia and opened her own massage practise and training school on the beautiful East coast of Queensland. During that time, Jen massaged everyday and loved the hands on work; however, her true passion is to pass on her knowledge and experience to new therapists and show them how to massage from the heart. When we learn to massage from the heart and go with the flow of the ocean, that is when the real magic happens.

Over the years, Jen has seen many therapists come and and go, and she believes many have either burnt out or simply lost their passion due to hard remedial style work. Jen believes that by introducing Lomi Lomi massage to your practise, your passion never dies and you will not burn out. In fact, the more you learn about bodywork the more you fall in love with all that it gives to you as a therapist, and all you can do for your clients. She invites you to join her on your massage journey and change your life for ever.

Jen is qualified in Mastership In Lomi Lomi, Diplomas in Sport Massage BSY (Sp.M), Aromatherapy IIHHT (Ar.Dip), Reflexology IIHHT (Re.Dip), Indian head massage IIHHT (Ihm.Dip), Yoga Diploma, Thai Massage CTS, Baby Massage BSy (Ba.M)

How to integrate your new career into your own business

    • Our course is face to face and hands-on massage training, however, you will receive printouts of the techniques and contraindications and ideas to get your business up and running. We only have small groups so you get my full attention with lots of one on one help. We Invite to join our private Facebook Group, where you can continue learning with the help of other Therapists and free educational videos posted monthly. A place where you can ask questions and gain help from many of us that have been massaging for years.
    • Discounted Insurance
    • Join our Facebook Tribe for ongoing support and mentoring
    • Discounted Insurance and ability to join our association IICT
    • Free download of Natural Marketing, a handy guide for everything a therapist needs to know for establishing a thriving practice., saving $29.95!
    • Discounts for future Training Courses and Online Training.
    • Investment for your new career as a massage therapist is just $595.00
    • Deposit of $100 to be paid 30 days prior to the start date.
    • We do offer personal one on one massage courses for your Day Spa, Beauty Salon, Hair Salon or for Individuals, please contact me for a quote starting from $695.00.

Investment for your new career as a qualified massage therapist is just $595.00

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