Lava shell Massage Training Course - Accredited 2 day massage Course

The Ultimate Massage Treatment with a Natural Synergy of the Ocean

Full Body Massage With Lava Shells
Back Massage with Lava Shells
Lava Shell Massage for Feet
Hot Lava Shell Massage For Legs

Lava Shell Massage Course Details

    • Welcome and Intention
    • Anatomy of shells
    • Backs of legs with shells
    • Front of legs with shells
    • Arms and hands with shells
    • Face and head with shells
    • Neck and shoulders with shells
    • Using your intuition with shells
    • Back massage incorporating shells
    • About Shells and detecting heat risks
    • Which blends (lava blends)to use on which clients
    • Hygiene and cleaning shells
    • Self-care and body mechanics
    • Contraindications Aftercare advice
    • Familiarise with Tiger Striped Clam Shell and use of heat
    • Using Lava Shells for deeper tissue work and releasing deep muscle pain
    • Creating a healing space and draping and positioning Massage techniques and massage strokes

The Ultimate Massage Treatment with a Natural Synergy of the Ocean

Lava Shell Massage Course

Are you looking for a powerful, long-lasting heat treatment, that can give deep pressure without the effort? Or maybe you’re looking for a beautiful flowing form of bodywork which is powerful and links the mind, body spirit?

With our Accredited Lava Shell Massage Course, we will take you to a place where you can help your clients on so many levels giving them a deep soothing style of bodywork along with the powerful heat, minerals, sea kelp and algae you can give a deep sports style of massage without the hard work. If your feeling burnt out with doing Deep Tissue Massage or Remedial work the Lava Shell can help you.

On our 2 day retreat Lava Shell Massage course, you will learn how to give a full body massage with Hot Lava Shells, taking your clients on their own spiritual journey and receive an accreditation so you can start your own massage, day spa, healing business.

Lava Shells are the new hot stone massage, the heat penetrates upto 10 times deeper than a regular massage. Leaving your clients in a deep state of calm and tranquility.

The Tiger-Striped Clam. It may not seem like much at first, but this little guy has quite a history. Over millions of years, the Tiger Clam has evolved to truly become one with the environment. Born with their shell, the clams spend their lives carefully filtering the nutrients they need from the seawater around them, and then patiently building their home as they grow and thrive.

During the process, the clams become a natural reducer of greenhouse gases because they filter CO2 out of the water, meaning more can be pulled from the atmosphere and into the ocean.

For thousands of years, islanders in the Philippines have had their own relationship with the clams, gathering what they need as part of their basic diet.

The clams are first collected by free divers, and the shells removed so that the clam can be prepared for food.

The shells were previously discarded as waste, however they have found a way to recycle these natural beauties. Rather than throw away the shells, the local islanders sort through them, looking for the right size, shape, and symmetry. The shells are personally matched by size, then sanded and bonded together.

The end result is a beautiful, all natural and surprisingly ergonomic tool that you and your clients will love.

How to integrate your new journey into a profitable business

    • Our Lava Shell Massage Course is face to face and hands-on massage training, however, you will receive printouts of the techniques and contraindications and ideas to get your business up and running.
    • We only have small groups so you get my full attention with lots of one on one help and guidance. We Invite to join our private Facebook Group, where you can continue learning with the help of other therapists and free educational videos posted monthly. A place where you can ask questions and gain help from many of us that have been massaging for years.
    • Join our Facebook Tribe for mentoring and ongoing support
    • Student Membership with IICT for a year for only $1 with Discounted Insurance
    • Free download of Natural Marketing, a handy guide for everything a therapist needs to
    • know for establishing a thriving practice., saving $29.95!
    • Discounts for future Training Courses and Online Training.
    • Investment for your new career as a qualified massage therapist is just $595.00 for 2 days.
    • Deposit of $295.00 to be paid 30 days prior to the start date.
    • We do offer personal one on one massage courses for your Day Spa, Beauty Salon, Hair
    • Salon, please contact me for further details.

Investment for your new career as a qualified massage therapist is just $595.00 for 2 days.

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