I had an amazing time learning Lomilomi from Jen. She is so welcoming, warm and an awesome experienced teacher. I was a virgin massager and she equiped me with the skills I needed to feel confident offering this beautiful technique. I highly recommend her services and her passion for wellbeing is contagious. I can't wait for more training :)

Shannon Baird

I have just completed the Lomi Lomi Bodywork certification. I Highly recommend Nalu Massage Training to anyone wanting to learn this beautiful, flowing, nurturing modality. Jen is very experienced and knowledgeable and she guided us all with love and patience. She looks so graceful and connected when demonstrating the massage and I admit to feeling uncoordinated at first. But Jen encouraged me to get into my own flow so that by the end of the training, I felt more connection, peace and love to myself as well as to my new friends in the training, and that just ripples out into the world! I am so excited to incorporate Lomi Lomi into my life, and I am already looking forward to doing more trainings with Jen and Nalu Massage Training. Aloha!

Annette Love

The Lomi Lomi training was absolute magic from start to finish. Our Kumu Jen brims with knowledge and wisdom of this gentle and deeply spiritual Hawaiian massage art. In a time where there is a need for more human "connectedness" more than ever, this is truly a massage modale that fits that need to a tee. Mahalo Jen 🙏😌🌺

Paul de Villiers

I have had the pleasure of doing several training programs with Jen and have been extremely happy. Jen is an amazing teacher, using content that is easy to understand for the layman, easy to implement, and offers heaps of backup support. Each training has been in small groups where we get lots of attention. Highly recommend Jen's training. Thank you Jen for your passionate delivery of these programs in beautiful spaces..🙏

Karen Alexander

I have done many courses with Jen over the years and she is by the far the best trainer I have experienced. She has many years of experience and her training is very hands on, informative and always a pleasant environment.

Delvin Bennett

Jen is amazing massage trainer . I took the lomi lomi massage training with her. She is very kind to share all her knowledge. She is very positive personality. Love her energy. highly recommend anyone thinking of undertaking massage training to contact Jen at Nalu Massage Training Academy.

shu tai leung
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