Learn Lomi Lomi Massage

Are you looking to enhance your massage journey or do you feel a strong desire to connect more on a spiritual basis with your clients, family and friends?

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Learn Lomi Lomi Massage

Do you feel the calling to Learn the Ancient Art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, join us at our retreat space – Heart and Soul Retreat Space for  Lomi Lomi Massage Training Courses.

Are you looking to enhance your massage journey or do you feel a strong desire to connect more on a spiritual basis with your clients, family and friends?

Maybe you are looking at a new career path and would like to share the gift of Lomi Lomi Massage?

Learn the healing art of Hawaiian Massage, where you can experience the flowing intuitive art of Lomi Lomi bodywork.

Lomi Lomi is like no other massage you have experienced with its long flowing moves, just like the rolling ocean waves.

Using your forearms and palms it takes you on a journey discovering how to link the mind, body and soul in a deeply connecting way.

We take you on a journey where you will develop a deep understanding of Hawaiian healing massage and all that it gives.

Picture this – Massaging and helping others in a deep and connected way every day, working the hours you desire and really creating a sacred healing space for your clients to keep on returning to time after time.

With our Accredited Lomi Lomi course you are on your way to being THE VERY BEST VERSION OF YOU, giving you confidence, self empowerment and the ability to help others.

Learn Lomi Lomi the Ancient Hawaiian Art of Massage practised over hundreds of years by Master practitioners (kahuna) and elders (Kupuna)

  • These Hawaiians were bearers of the light of knowledge that surrounded this spiritual work and they passed down the sacred gift from generation to generation.
  • Lomi Lomi awakens a very deep level of spirit, which penetrates an ancient realm of wisdom and truly inspires healing from a core level.
  • Lomi Lomi is a flowing dance like movement where we create a space for our clients to experience their healing.
  • To totally understand Lomi Lomi its good to understand the meaning of Huna.
  • Huna means that everything seeks harmony and everything seeks love.
  • Perhaps this can best be understood by one of the alternate names for Lomi Lomi, and that is “Loving Hands” massage.
  • The reason for this, is that it works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body and enabling the recipient to relax, give in and simply be
  • We show you how to create a space for healing and a space for Aloha love.
  • Lomi Lomi incorporates long flowing moves along with stretches and bodywork which creates movement in the spine and lokahi – balance throughout the body.
  • In Lomi Lomi we only use our arms, palms and forearms and the whole body is massaged as one. The unique difference to other styles of massage is that you have no idea where your therapist is massaging from one second to the other.
  • As we teach you to flow up and down the body like the rolling ocean waves, you feel like you’re dancing whilst giving a healing massage.
  • This style of massage is for participants over 18 years of age and you do not need any previous experience in massage or natural health.
  • Do you feel ready to change your life and live a life you dream about with Hawaiian Healing Lomi Lomi.
  • We will take you on a self-discovery journey into the Hawaiian Healing Art of Lomi Lomi Massage, sometimes known as Kahuna massage.

Within our 3-day learn Lomi lomi Massage Retreat Course, you will develop a deep understanding of Hawaiian healing and Lomi Lomi massage.

On completion you will be able to perform a 90 minute full body massage, taking your clients on their own spiritual journey and receive an accreditation so you can start your own Hawaiian healing business.

Please see below what others are saying about or Lomi Lomi Training:

The lomi Lomi and Lava shell training was incredibly humbling and spiritual. Jen is a very nurturing and loving person who is so understanding and loving. I would highly recommend to see Jen for this training as this is how it should be taught as it is a spiritual and emotional journey whilst giving and receiving this form of massage. truly grateful for your gentle and caring nature. (Debbie P)

Thank you Jen (kumu).

I traveled from NZ to complete the Lomi Lomi Massage and Lava Shell Training. Jen was so warm, nurturing and encouraging throughout the course. Your knowledge and inspiration was amazing. I thank you from my heart for everything. I highly recommend Nalu Massage Training Academy (Rae R)

Meet your Trainer

Jen started her massage career back in the UK over 23 years ago and has been teaching massage for the last 8 years. Her massage journey began with Aromatherapy and Reflexology and soon progressed to various styles of Massage and Bodywork, spending time in Thailand, Nepal and Hawaii training in the ancient arts of Massage and Bodywork.

Jen gained her mastership in Hawaiian Healing Lomi Lomi in the sacred mountains of Maui Hawaii where she went from healing her self to healing others.

Over 12 years ago, Jen emigrated to Australia and opened her own massage practise and training school on the beautiful East coast of Queensland. During that time, Jen massaged everyday and loved the hands on work; however, her true passion is to pass on her knowledge and experience to new therapists and show them how to massage from the heart. When we learn to massage from the heart and go with the flow of the ocean, that is when the real magic happens.

Over the years, Jen has seen many therapists come and and go, and she believes many have either burnt out or simply lost their passion due to hard remedial style work. Jen believes that by introducing Lomi Lomi massage to your practise, your passion never dies and you will not burn out. In fact, the more you learn about bodywork the more you fall in love with all that it gives to you as a therapist, and all you can do for your clients. She invites you to join her on your massage journey and change your life for ever.

Jen is qualified in Mastership In Lomi Lomi, Sport Massage BSY (Sp.M), Aromatherapy IIHHT (Ar.Dip), Reflexology IIHHT (Re.Dip), Indian head massage IIHHT (Ihm.Dip), Yoga Diploma, Thai Massage CTS, Baby Massage BSy (Ba.M)


Jen’s linage stems back to Hawaii where she did her extensive training in Lomi Lomi Massage with Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai steming back to Aunty Margaret Machado, Aunty Mahilani Poe Poe, Maka’ala Yates (Apprentice of Aunty Margaret), Rebecca Slavin – influenced by Pappa Abraham Kawai, Papa Sylvester Kepelino- Papa K and Aunty Mary Fragas – Hapai lomi Lomi.

Kimberlee Newman Tyler – Hemi Fox, Ho’okahi Tamara – Pappa Kahu Abraham Kawai

Course Details

    • Friday Opening circle with Aloha Meditation
    • Saturday evening with Munay Ki Womb rites ceremony, followed with a Deep Sound Healing Meditation
    • Saturday and Sunday Lomi Lomi – Aloha and Intention
    • Feeling the Energy
    • Creating a healing space
    • Draping and positioning
    • Massage techniques and massage strokes with forearm arm and palm of hand positioning
    • Learn Lomi Lomi Nalu (flow)prone position (Back of body)
    • Learn Lomi Lomi Nalu (flow)supine position (Front of body)
    • Head and face
    • Feet
    • Learn Lomi Lomi Stretches
    • Linking breathwork
    • Using intuition in your treatments
    • Self-care and body mechanics
  • Contraindications
  • Aftercare advice
  • On our 4 day retreat, we take you a level deeper into the Hawaiian healing with sound healing and meditation

How to integrate your new journey into a profitable business

  • On our learn Lomi Lomi Massage retreats, you will go a level deeper and learn some of the Seven Huna Principles and how to live your life with Aloha Healing chants and prayers
  • Ho’oponopono and meditation
  • Our course is face to face and hands-on Lomi Lomi massage training, however, you will receive print outs of the techniques and contraindications and ideas to get your business up and running.
  • We only have small groups so you get our full attention with lots of one on one help. We invite you to join our private Facebook Group, where you can continue learning with the help of others.
  • Ongoing mentoring within our facebook group and private message.
  • A place where you can ask questions and gain help from many of us that have been massaging for years.
  • Student Membership with IICT with discounted rates
  • Discounted Insurance
  • Free download of Natural Marketing, a handy guide for everything a therapist needs to know for establishing a thriving practice., saving $29.95!
  • Discounts for future Training Courses and Online Training.
  • Investment for your new career as a qualified massage therapist is just $1095.00 for 3 days.
  • Deposit of $295 to be paid and outstanding balance 14 days prior to the start date.
  • We do offer personal one on one massage courses for your Day Spa, Beauty Salon, Hair Salon, please contact me for further details.

Investment for your new career as an Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage therapist is just $1095.00 for 3 days Retreat.

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