Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage

We are asked many times what is Lomi Lomi Massage Lomi Lomi and I usually reply :

Hawaiian Lomi massage is like no other massage you will ever experience and once you have tried it there is usually no going back to other styles of massage.

It takes you on a heartfelt or sacred journey, it allows you to surrender yourself to your therapist as you have never before.

Every time I receive Lomi lomi I feel something different and really find it hard to fully explain, so my best advice is to try Lomi Lomi  for yourself and book in with a Lomi Lomi or Kahuna as its sometimes known, therapist.

We have many therapists that we have trained here at nalu massage in Australia and New Zealand. Please contact me for a recommendation.

You can also find  throughout the world many therapists have trained in this art of  bodywork and will give their own individual flow of  bodywork.

You won’t regret it and every therapist will give something different which is just amazing.

Sometimes this style of massage (Kahuna) can release deep-rooted emotions so we create a safe and nurturing space so you can allow yourself to surrender and heal. Many times people have laughed and cried during Lomi Lomi a session, this is ok and is quite common, It is nothing to be afraid of and will give you long lasting healing.

It is truly magical and I love to give, receive and also teach Lomi Lomi Massage.

When teaching Lomi Lomi I learn something new every-time from my students, we are all different and learn in different ways, with this in mind, my teachings are all hands-on so you experience receiving and giving Lomi lomi massage.

We create a safe and nurturing space so you can learn at your own speed with lots of one on one teaching.

By introducing Hot Lava Shells to your Lomi lomi Massage it starts to massage down to your soul, the extra added heat sends your body and mind to a deep relaxation state that you only tend to experience during a me-dative (deep meditation) state.

This is one of the best massages a body can experience and I guarantee your body and mind will thank you for it for a good while. The extra heat makes you massage benefits last even longer than Lomi Lomi without heat.

We have done a test with a couple of clients that have MS and have regular massage. The results were truly amazing and our client now has the hot Lomi lomi massage bi-weekly, it has reduced pain and discomfort like nothing else.

I am truly thankful to all my  Kumu (massage teachers) over the years for showing and sharing their love of Lomi lomi.

Aloha to my Lomi Lomi Ohana

 Lomi Lomi Ancient Hawaiian Art of Massage practised over hundreds of years by master practitioners (kahuna) and elders (Kupuna).

These Hawaiians were bearers of the light of knowledge that surrounded this spiritual work and they passed down the sacred gift from generation to generation.

We awaken a very deep level of spirit, which penetrates an ancient realm of wisdom and truly inspires healing from a core level

 Its a flowing dance like movement where we create a space for our clients to experience their healing.

To totally understand Hawaiian Massage its good to understand the meaning of Huna.

Huna means that everything seeks harmony and everything seeks love.

Perhaps this can best be understood by one of the alternate names for Lomi Lomi, and that is “Loving Hands” massage.

The reason for this, is that it works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body and enabling the recipient to relax, give in and simply be