Acupressure Mat – Massage at Home?

Recommendation from Professional Massage Trainer – Nalu Acupressure

While suggesting personalized treatment plans for my clients, I also offer them some additional relaxation techniques to practice between sessions.In addition to techniques, I suggest using Nalu’s massage mat and acupressure mat that I sell online too. These mats are perfect partners to use anywhere for relaxing any stiffness or stress; at work, home, while traveling or on vacations, doing exercising or yoga.

Why Nalu Acupressures Mat?

These mats are custom-designed by a licensed massage therapist. It has been designed to assemble a product that relieves not only back, neck, shoulder, hip, sciatic pain but also fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, stress, insomnia, anxiety, and other issues. It induces a state of complete relaxation and even enjoyment while you meditate only for 20 minutes of your time on this mat.

The Nalu acupressure mat comes with a wall chart and e-book guide that teaches you to use the mat more effectively, comfortably, and quickly.

As this massage mat and acupressure mat is a time tested product it comes with the money-back guarantee in case you don’t feel satisfied with your acupressure mat pillow and spiky reflexology ball set.

Spiky Reflexology Ball with the Mat

Spiky reflexology ball with the mat is a freebie which is a great product to relieve foot and leg pain, plantar fasciitis, muscle tension in the hips flexors, Buttocks, hands, muscle pain, and spasm. It is a sort of full-body treatment in the form of reflexology through the feet or hands.

Wrapping Up

Take my words; this mat is certainly going to be of great help to you promoting stress relief after long days work schedule. It helps prepare your body and mind for a sound sleep.

This massage mat and acupressure mat will give you maximum benefits of massage therapy rendered by any specialist, at the comfort of your own home, and as many as times you like. No need to visit or arrange for expensive sessions with the chiropractor.

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