What is Lomi Lomi?

What is Lomi Lomi?

Lomi Lomi is so much more than a massage!
It’s A way of life
It’s about connection
It’s about living a life of aloha, a life with love, forgiveness and kindness and so much more.
In Hawaiian philosophy, everything is aligned and has equal importance: body, mind, spirit, and emotional body.
So with this in mind I would also say Lomi Lomi is a way of bringing our mind, our bodies back into balance back into homeostasis, as we were the day we were born.
Healing is all about finding our balance and allowing a safe place for our healing to take place.

To fully understand Lomi Lomi, it’s worth experiencing a lomi lomi session for yourself. Its like no other massage you will have experienced.
Feel the flowing moves, moves like the ocean waves as they roll in and out and over the body. Washing over your body to create a sense of ease and bliss.

Lomi Lomi Temple style or Kahuna as its sometime known here in Australia is a spiritual practice where you find harmony, not just physically but emotionally too.  With this in mind sometimes Lomi Lomi can help you rid any blockages of emotions stuck in the body, so this can help you release and then start to heal.

Once we give the mind and body space we give ourselves permission to heal.

The first time you expercine Lomi Lomi, you may feel a little vulnerable and this it totally normal. We usually undress fully or to your own comfort level, so the therapist can flow up and down the body without interruption.

This also helps you to lose control and give in and simply be! This is when we start our healing process, when we give in and simply be, our bodies and mind goes  in to rest or digest mode. This is when the parasympathetic nervous system is kicked in and allowing our mind and body to rest.

This day and age we spend so much of our time in fight or flight mode, that we literally forget how to relax and switch off.

If we take a  look back to manay many years ago, people would rest in an afternoon before getting back to work in the late afternoon.  This would allow the mind and body to heal and gain more energy from resting.

Maybe we should take a leaf out of our ancestors books and learn to switch off for a time each day.  What i mean by switching off,  is by not doing anything of importance. Switch off the phone, social media and put down your book. Maybe go for a walk in nature and sit under a tree. or just sit in the outdoors in silence.

Or book in with a local Lomi Lomi – kahuna therapist and receive this amazing. life changing massage.

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

Jen Barnett

Nalu massage Training