Lava Shell Massage

We have been using Lava shells in our massage practise and training school for the last six years.

The best way to describe lava shell massage is: Lava shell massage is a five star massage without the price tag!

We heat up the shells with a high or medium heat charge depending on how hot you would like the massage to be.

Alternatively you can chill the shells with a cool shell, this is for another blog at a later date.

The shells are all natural and from the philippines and we also use the porcelain lava  shells, which are crushed up natural shells and mixed with a porcelain and placed in to a uniform mould to create a beautiful uniform shaped shell.

The Tiger-Striped Clam. It may not seem like much at first, but this little guy has quite a history. Over millions of years, the Tiger Clam has evolved to truly become one with the environment. Born with their shell, the clams spend their lives carefully filtering the nutrients they need from the seawater around them, and then patiently building their home as they grow and thrive.

During the process, the clams become a natural reducer of greenhouse gases because they filter CO2 out of the water, meaning more can be pulled from the atmosphere and into the ocean.

For thousands of years, islanders in the Philippines have had their own relationship with the clams, gathering what they need as part of their basic diet.

The clams are first collected by free divers, and the shells removed so that the clam can be prepared for food.

The shells were previously discarded as waste, however they have found a way to recycle these natural beauties. Rather than throw away the shells, the local islanders sort through them, looking for the right size, shape, and symmetry. The shells are personally matched by size, then sanded and bonded together.

The end result is a beautiful, all natural and surprisingly ergonomic tool that you and your clients will love.

When massaging with the shells its a powerful, long-lasting heat treatment, that can give deep pressure without the effort,  Or maybe you’re prefer  a beautiful flowing form of bodywork which is powerful and links the mind, body spirit.

These little beauties are so versatile, everyone that try lava shell massage does not go back to a regular massage.  Its so soothing and relaxing it melts the pain away.

I always say, ensure you train with an accredited massage trainer this ensures you are getting the right advise as suing heat and cold on a massage does have its precautions, especially for the elderly and pregnant.

The world is your oyster with lava Shells x