It' time to Relight and Awaken the Mind the Body and the SOUL with The Ancient Hawaiian Bowl Of Light

About this event

Retreat and Relight
Reconnect with your inner self and find love, laughter and Joy!
With the Ancient Hawaiian belief of The Bowl of Light.

Are you ready to transform your life and start to lead a life you really are truly grateful for each and every day?
Maybe your ready to embrace the future and make a difference 💚
We help, guide and support you to find your true meaning and purpose in life, by giving your self permission to let go of the past and embrace the new beginning and future.
🌳 Guiding and supporting you to let go and cleanse your past
🌳 Connecting to your Inner child to create a new playful, fun loving you
🌳 Empowering you to take the next step on your journey
🌳 Healing and growing in your own self confidence, self love and Self Empowerment
With our three days fully inclusive transformational retreat we help, guide and support you on your transforming journey 🦋

🌳Nestled within the Green Cauldron of Northern NSW with its breathtaking views and ancient landscape.

Enjoy locally sourced and farmed Organic Vegetarian meals, along with yummy locally made deserts and healing teas.
Experience the healing natural magnesium pool, cleanse in the local fresh water pools, and walk the subtropical rainforest.
🦋We take you on your own journey of awakening the heart to give you more love 💗
🦋We guide you to re connect with your inner child with art and playfull times
🦋Bring out the self healer within you
🦋 Experience deep healing with Breathwork and Sound Healing
🦋learn the ancient Hawaiian healing method of The Bowl of Light - leaving your past, hurt, resentment, feelings of over whelm behind and relighting your fire 🔥 within.
When we truly go back to basics we can relearn to fly, to swim, to be who ever we want to be 🦋
Join us to transform your own life 🦋

Reach out if you have any questions and thank you for taking the time to move forward in life. It is believed that we are all born with a Bowl Full of Light, Love, Adventure, Courage and Self Belief.
Our Light shines brightly whilst we are children with no influence, judgement or fear.
Through our journey in life, our light starts to dim and become heavy and can lead to poor health, lack of self belief, hurt, disappointment and burn out.
We have created a spiritual journey that will have your Bowl of Light Shining like the day you were born!
Taking you on Journey of Self Discovery, Healing, Awakening of the Heart and Mind and Relighting the Fire within you.
Join us on this journey of Sound Therapy in Nature - bringing you back to our Sacred Mother Earth.
Activation of your Munay ki Healers Rites - bringing the Self Healer out in you.
Transformational Breathwork - setting yourself FREE from past Trauma, Grief, Disappointment and Hurt.
Fire Ceremony under the Full Moon with Indigenous sounds of the Didgeridoo and Tibetan Sound bowls - allowing you to leave the past behind and Move Forward and Grow to be the person you want to be.

Fresh Water Cleansing overlooking the Sacred Mount Warning Caldera - Stretching from Byron Bay, to the Gold Coast and West towards the Great Dividing Range, this vast caldera has been named the Green Cauldron and has been listed by Tourism Australia as one of Australia’s National Landscapes which are nominated for their cultural, natural and spiritual significance.
Inner Child Art Therapy - bring out the Child in you and really feel what it's like to be a Child again with no worries, concerns or judgement.
Let go and Feel completely Free to Move your Body to the Epic sounds of nature with Ecstatic Dance and Movement - Feel the Soma Rise within you with Breathwork and Sounds
Create your own Full Moon Mist - absorbing the energy from within and taking home a piece of your own magic.

Light and stones can not share the same space!

Jen of Nalu Training
Will take you on a journey to Relight your Bowl of Light with the use of Breathwork, movement and Meditation.
The ancient Hawaiians believe each child is born with a bowl of perfect light and over time our bowl is filled with the stones of life.
Maybe you are carrying each day in your bowl, trauma, grief, frustration, hurt or fear.
We guide and support you to lose those stones of life and move you onto your next step in life with Light and Happiness, Love, Kindness, Fulfilment, Contentment, Courage to do the things you are to do, to find your true purpose!
We guide you in a safe and nurturing way to breath more easily on a daily basis with Creative Visualisation, Ecstatic Dance, Awakening Meditations.
With the use of Connected Breathing - breathing together as a group, we create a harmonious energy and a feeling of ecstasy, a feeling of bliss.
Your breath can set you free…
Free to be who you really are
Free to be the person you want to be
Free to enjoy a life of Love and Light.
Katy from Mystical Soul Journey
Will be guiding you through your healing transformation throughout the weekend using Crystal Bowl Sound Healing.
Helping you access deep meditative states so your mind body and soul can relax reset and rebalance.
Combined with Energy Healing, Activating the Healer within you with The Healers Rite from the Munay Ki (Energy of Love).
Connecting you with the divine plant medicine Cacao and assisting you in the creation of your own unique Moon Mist to take home you own piece of Magic.
Jodie from Little me Art therapy
Will be guiding you into a space of childlike wonder, to nurture and to connect with your little self through playful, freedom Art Therapy.
Let go of the judgmental perfectionism that comes with adulthood.
Activate your inner child through bodywork, foraging and expressionism.
Jodie will guide you to Release any negative emotions through letters to your inner child for a Burning Release Ritual under the Full Moon.
Give the care and love that your inner child and empty bowl deserves.
This is a space for your inner child to heal and be released.

Not only will you take home a bowl full of light you’ll have your own piece of Inner child Artwork and beautiful Moon Mist as a Reminder of your Awakening Journey.

New techniques to use at home to continue your journey to self empowerment, self belief and Love. Heart and Soul Retreat Space
Our space is a haven of peace and tranquility and provides the opportunity to relax from your busy life; to rest and recharge your batteries.
Awaken each morning to the glorious bird chorus of kookaburras, other native species and black cockatoos. If you are lucky you might see a wallaby or a monitor lizard.
Heart and Soul is set on 22 acres of beautiful native land, guaranteeing our privacy and peacefulness. It's nestled in the forest at the end of the valley in the beautiful Nobbys Creek, with views of the sacred Mount Warning, Caldera.
Stretching from Byron Bay, to the Gold Coast and West towards the Great Dividing Range, this vast caldera has been named the Green Cauldron and has been listed by Tourism Australia as one of Australia’s National Landscapes which are nominated for their cultural, natural and spiritual significance.

Fully Inclusive luxury Retreat includes:

2 nights accomodation in luxury shared rooms, most rooms have views over the beautiful ranges and Mount Warning.
All nutritious vegetarian meals, locally sourced where possible
Healthy snacks throughout the day
Yummy desserts
Daily Fresh fruit
Organic Teas
The Best Fresh Spring water you have ever tasted
Use of Magnesium Spa
Access to 22 acres of native land to explore with local watering holes
Investment for your life changing retreat is only $997.00 for early bird price and $1097.00 ther after.
To secure place we ask for a deposit fo $295.00 and remainder paid by 4th June.
We do have payment plans available, please DM or Email for more details.
Find your true self with Fun, Transforming, Empowering teachings🧘‍♀️
Change your life forever, meet new people, make new life long friendships, feel love and support throughout your journey with Relight Retreat.
Sending our love to you 💜 Jen, Katy and Jodie xx

Jen,s journey as a therapist started 24 years ago, when she studied to become an Aromatherapist and Reflexologist back in the Uk.
This gave Jen the hunger to learn more about the mind and body and found herself studying Traditional Thai Massage in Chang Mia Thailand and spending time in the Himalaya mountains in Nepal and more recently time on the island of Maui in Hawaii.
Since then, Jen gained her mastership in Hawaiian Healing Lomi Lomi in the sacred mountains of Maui Hawaii where she went from healing herself to helping others on their healing journey.
Jen says, when we learn to live a life of Aloha, a life of Love and go with the flow of the ocean, this is when the real magic happens.
Jen now combines her Ancient Hawaiian Healing methods with Conscious Breathwork to help you find a life of love, a life of aloha and a life of freedom.
Jen gained qualifications in Mastership In Lomi Lomi, Sport Massage BSY (Sp.M), Aromatherapy IIHHT (Ar.Dip), Reflexology IIHHT (Re.Dip), Indian head massage IIHHT (Ihm.Dip), Yoga Diploma, Thai Massage CTS, Baby Massage BSy (Ba.M), Conscious Circular Breathwork and Breath of life, Energy Healing.
Jen’s linage stems back to Hawaii where she did her extensive training in Lomi Lomi Massage with Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai steming back to Aunty Margaret Machado, Aunty Mahilani Poe Poe, Maka’ala Yates (Apprentice of Aunty Margaret), Rebecca Slavin – influenced by Pappa Abraham Kawai, Papa Sylvester Kepelino- Papa K and Aunty Mary Fragas – Hapai lomi Lomi.
Kimberlee Newman Tyler – Hemi Fox, Ho’okahi Tamara – Pappa Kahu Abraham Kawai Katys Journey started from her own life experience and quest to heal herself and now others , Katy understands the journey isn’t smooth sailing but in those rawest of moments is where the magic happens and true self evolution can be obtained.
Katy's mission is to guide you on your own healing journey, empowering you to empower yourself. This is the part that ignites Katy's soul, and what drives her to share the knowledge and wisdom she has achieved on her own healing path.
Katy has now combined these teachings and created an elixir for Intuitive Healing Sessions, Workshops and Women's Circles.
Katy's magic potion ingredients are a dash of Reiki, Crystals, Lomi Lomi, Witchery, Sound Healing and a sprig of her own inner wisdom.
Instagram Jodie's journey started with her life long love of Art, she has loved art for as long as she can remember, Jodie as used art to express or to distract from emotions and ups and downs in life.
Jodie as used art as a tool from being a small child and still uses till this day. Its a way to calm the mind, release tension and simply be.
Jodie had a life situation which left her grieving, the trauma of the grief led her down a path of inner child therapy and discovery. This self discovery time helped Jodie to nurture and reconnect with her own inner child and now its Jodies goal in life to inject fun and creativity to all walks of life and teach everyone how Art can be used to heal and as a form of therapeutic meditation.
Jodies developed a workshop to unleash that playful inner child and connect with your mini self!

See what others are saying:

Wow what an experience!!!!!!!!
Nalu training was a weekend to remember for the rest of my life. Not only was it education with skills I can bring into my everyday life, it was a much deeper spiritual experience and Healing. I met friends for life that follow in the same path! Great food and serene location!!! It was heart opening beautiful training with some added time out to recharge the batteries. Thanks Jen - I will be forever grateful xx Shelly - Gold Coast
On my first sound healing session and Munay Ki Healing rites with Katy, I had the most beautiful experience with waves of deep relaxation and a feeling that I could completely let go of the stresses of the day. I had a sense that the bowls were actually around me, and only after, did I find out that this is what the sound does, it travels to you and the mind absorbs the frequency. I felt completely and utterly relaxed after the sound bath and I now find if I have a tune up once a month my whole life feels more relaxed and in harmony. Thank you Katy 🙏 Elizabeth - Australia
My Healing Breathwork One on One with Jen was Epic.
The shifts and messages I received were so profound all in the comfort of my own home.I felt completely supported and safe throughout the whole journey, Jen holds space beautifully her presence and calmness allows for deep healing magic to occur. Thank you Jen - Georgina Australia
Katy holds a beautiful space and I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door.I received both reiki and sound healing and would highly recommend the two treatments together. I had some big shifts and let go of things I didn’t know I was holding on to. If you’re looking to heal, energise or reset book in with Katy and enjoy the journey 🙏 Brooke Australia
Find your true self with Fun, Transforming, Empowering teachings🧘‍♀️
Change your life forever, meet new people, make new life long friendships, feel love and support throughout your journey with Relight Retreat.
Sending our love to you 💜 Jen, Katy and Jodie xx

Investment for your new career as a qualified massage therapist is just $595.00 for 2 days.

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