Introduction To Acupressure for your own Wellbeing

Acupressure for your own wellbeing ans Self care.

Self-help tips for using Acupressure whilst at work or at home and using an acupressure mat for self-care and pain relief: Acupressure Mat 

Aloha, my name is Jen and I’m from Nalu Massage Training Academy here in Queensland, Australia. And today I’d like to share with you then benefits of Acupressure. I’m a trained massage therapist, have been for over 22 years, and massage educator. So, I’ve been teaching people the wonderful art of massage, including sports massage with elite athletes and also Hawaiian, lava shells, reflexology, Indian head, many different styles of massage. Acupressure is something that we include in the form of sports or remedial or therapeutic style massage.

Jen Barnett: And it’s also a treatment that you can do yourself at home, it’s so easy and so effective. We have some great results and acupressure continually surprises me with the results sometimes. So just to give you an idea, a simple, simple thing that you can do, which is a form of acupressure, if you’re having a headache and you really feel like you’ve got headache all in the front temples, a simple straightforward acupressure point that you can do as long as you’ve got your fingers and a thumb.

Jen Barnett: Put them together, place them on the nose, you’ll find the little area where the finger and thumb sit and push your finger and thumb in, slide it slightly up towards the bone in the forehead here and then just squeeze, hold it there six to eight seconds. So we’ll give it a go together, so hands together and push up, squeeze and hold it there for six to eight seconds and release.

Jen Barnett: Then you’re going to repeat that three times and each time just going a little bit deeper. So meaning, squeezing slightly more and raising the fingers slightly. So again, we’ll do it together. Thumb and finger together, find the little area, you’ll know when you’re on it because you’ll feel the tension, the pain. Raise the hand slightly and squeeze. Hold it there for 12 to 14 seconds for the second and the third time.

Jen Barnett: Afterwards, you will instantly feel a release. You’ll feel instant release here over the eyebrows, sometimes you feel release here in the temples as well. But it stops us from frowning, I’ve got a great frown line here from sitting in front of a computer and from bright lights here in Australia, from the sunshine. If you don’t want your lines on your forehead to get worse then this is a really good one to do, because it just releases that tension.

Jen Barnett: The reason we frown is usually that there’s pain or we’re trying to adjust the eyes so that we can actually see. By doing that we’re opening the eyes more. If my eyes go a little bit foggy, I tend to do that and it releases it. So give it a go and, yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what benefits you get from it and how it works for you. Now, I always say with any form of treatment, any form of massage, and I’ve said this to my clients for years and years and years, we don’t have a magic wand. If we had it’d be wonderful, there’d be no such thing as needing doctors, nurses, hospitals, whatever.

Jen Barnett: But what we do have … We don’t have a magic wand, but realistically, in massage, the hands I would say are pretty much magic. The amount of release and relief you can receive from a good massage … Even if it’s not a fully qualified therapist, even if you’re just releasing tension from your own body with a simple technique like that on the forehead … I’ll show you lots more on other days as well. But basically, if you can release tension by the art of touch, which I believe is what the world needs and it’s amazing what we do release when we have touched in our lives.

Jen Barnett: Now, I know not everybody is in a position to be able to afford to go for a massage or in a position where they might have a partner or a friend or a member of family that would like to massage them, so in those cases, it’s really important that we start to do self-care, and that’s really where my passion is right now. I’ve spent over 20 years massaging people on a daily basis, between seven to eight people a day, and I love it and I still want to do that, but my time now is spent more teaching other therapists so that they can help other people as well and also teaching individuals how to take control of their own life so they’re not living a life in pain.

Jen Barnett: Whether that’s physical or mental pain, generally, with the art of touch and massage, then we can generally release some form of pain. Now, if you’d like to receive my free ebook, which gives you a little bit more information about what acupressure really is, and acupressure is probably the easiest style of massage that you do to yourself, it’s very difficult to massage your own back, rub oil on your own back and massage it, but we have some great techniques and great products that really do help you.

Jen Barnett: Our own Nalu Massage Acupressure mat  has been specifically designed to help treat people that suffer from stress, anxiety, trauma, and pain. And that includes chronic pain, things like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue. We’ve had some brilliant results, and even in my own family, I’m seeing big differences. And so, yes, if you’d like to find out a little bit more about acupressure then download our ebook, You can find the Free Ebook on our Blog, hover over the blog site on our website and there will be a link that you can download the ebook.

Jen Barnett: It gives you a few diagrams but it tells you a little bit more about what acupressure is, where it’s from. It’s an ancient technique, it’s been around for thousands of years, as reflexology has, and also massage has. These days we’re finally going back towards the old traditional methods of medicine, which I’m thrilled about. So yeah, download the ebook, if you do want to try more acupressure then tune in, I will be doing some more self-help techniques, but also it could even be worth trying the acupressure mat. Have a look at a few of the videos and just see what release you can get.

Jen Barnett: Okay, thank you for joining me today and I hope you start to see some benefits from using Acupressure and I look forward to seeing you all next time. Bye for now.

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