How heavy has your head become?

As a massage therapist, one of the most common dysfunctions I see walk through my door is pain/tension in the upper back and/or neck. There can be many causes ranging from sitting for work 40 +/- hrs/wk, looking down at your cell phone consistently throughout the day, propping your head up while watching tv/reading and more severe cases due to motor vehicle accidents, whiplash and sporting injuries. The symptoms can also range from tension/pain that always comes back, headaches, jaw tension/TMJ, dizziness, tinnitus(ringing in the ears), difficulty swallowing, feeling like your head weighs 100 lbs and you just can’t hold it up.

All these symptoms are warning signs from your body that something is just not right and you have created a dysfunction. Pain and tension are only present because there is a dysfunction within your system. Recognizing these warning signs and getting proper assessment/treatment can reverse the dysfunction and spending as little as 5 minutes a day of doing specific home care can help you maintain a healthy pain-free life.

Book in with our Jen Barnett practitioner Nalu massage  to have your dysfunction assessed, treated and then be supplied with home care specific to your case.

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