About Us

Aloha and Welcome to Nalu Massage Training

I am Jen, a Bodyworker and Massage Trainer with over 22 years of experience running my own successful practice here in Australia and back where my career started in the UK.

Over the years I have been blessed to be able to spend time in Chang Mia learning the Traditional Art of Thai Massage and also doing a Full Mastership in Hawaii, learning the Ancient Art or Lomi Lomi (Kahuna) massage with Hawaiian Kumu Jeana Nalua on the Sacred Island of Maui.

I went from healing my self to healing others and now make it my mission to help as many other therapists to do the same.

During this months-long immersion course in Maui, I discovered my true self and now find myself gravitating towards passing on my love of massage to new up and coming Therapists with massage training.

With this in mind, Nalu was born and nurtured and now I like to teach people to massage from the heart and to go with their own flow, this is when the real magic happens!

Over the years of massaging I have seen many therapists come and go and I do believe many of these Therapists have either burnt out or simply lost their passion for massage.

By introducing new techniques and new flow to your massage your passion never dies, in-fact the more you learn about bodywork the more you fall in love with it and all that it gives.

I know how expensive it can be to train in new massage techniques and natural therapy treatments so with this in mind when I created Nalu Training Academy, my main priority was to make it affordable Hands-on massage training and with the knowledge that you are learning from an Accredited Massage Trainer with many years experience.

At Nalu we only teach in small groups so you know you have my full attention and that you gain a good sound knowledge of your chosen course. I invite you to extend your Modalities and keep your passion alive for  massage training with Nalu Training.

Over 12 years ago we emigrated to Australia and opened our own massage practise and training school on the beautiful East Coast of Queensland in Hervey Bay.

With upto 8 massage Therapists working alongside me at any one time offering Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Hawaiian Lomi lomi, Reflexology, Body Spa Treatments. We serviced the whole of Hervey bay and Fraser Island.

During this time I massaged everyday and loved the hands on work; however, my true passion now is to pass on my knowledge and experience to new therapists and show them how to massage from the heart. When we learn to massage from the heart and go with the flow of the ocean, that is when the real magic happens.

Over the years i’ve  has seen many therapists come and and go, and I  believe many have either burnt out or simply lost their passion due to hard remedial style work.

I believe by introducing Lomi Lomi massage, Thai massage, Lava shells Massage or Reflexology to your practise, your passion never dies and you will not burn out. In fact, the more you learn about bodywork the more you fall in love with all that it gives to you as a therapist, and all you can do for your clients.

I invites you to join me on your massage journey and change your life for ever.

Jen is qualified in Mastership In Lomi Lomi, Diploma in Sport Massage BSY (Sp.M), Diploma in Aromatherapy IIHHT (Ar.Dip), Diploma in Reflexology IIHHT (Re.Dip), Diploma Indian head massage IIHHT (Ihm.Dip), Yoga Diploma, Diploma in Thai Massage CTS, Baby Massage BSy (Ba.M)

Lomi Lomi Massage